Nature, landmarks and tourism

The town of Apriltsi is situated along the Vidima and Ostreshka rivers in the Troyan-Kalofer Mountain. This is the longest and highest part of the Sredna Stara planina Mountain where are located the reserves Severen Dzhendem and Stara reka as well as biosphere reserves Steneto and Dzhendema. They all are part of the National Park Central Balkan. A lot of chalets and shelters are located on mountain ridge and slopes. Except Botev Peak (2376 m a.s.l.) which is the highest peak of the Stara planina Mountain, there are also some of the most beautiful peaks, monasteries and archaeological sites. Close to the town of Apriltsi are Maragidik Peak (also known as Rusalka, 1890 m a.s.l.) and Ostrets Peak (1033 m a.s.l.).

The hospitality of the natives, favorable climate, natural resources, numerous cultural and historical sites provide an opportunity for having a good time, relax and entertainment. 

National Park Central Balkan offers excellent conditions for ecological tourism. Tourists could feel the close touch of nature hiking, riding or biking. They could visit local historical and natural science museums, ethnographic collections, Bulgarian craft exhibitions, as well as traditional folklore and religious celebrations. In the Troyan-Kalofer part of the mountain in summer blossom rare plants as Alpine rose and Edelweiss. Only on Botev Peak Balkan primrose blossoms.

The town of Apriltsi is a starting point for lot of hiking trails.

The Ostrets District is the most convenient access point to visit Tazha Chalet. The route takes about three hours along a marked path through the Dalgata polyana site.

Another exciting route heads from Vidima District of the town of Apriltsi, leads to Pleven Chalet, continues to the Botev Peak and Ray Chalet. The route crosses Severen Dzhendem and Dzhendem reserves, including the nearly vertical northern rocks and overhanging cliffs below Botev Peak. Mighty geological processes and glacier activity produced the present-day mountain relief. The reserve shelters unique species that are one of a kind in Bulgaria. Steep slopes and numerous caves make the Reserve inaccessible section of the Central Balkan Range and home for wild goats and brown bears.

Vidimsko praskalo eco path starts from the Vidima District in the town of Apriltsi and is developed as an interpretative trail. The route is located along the Praskalska River valley through the age-old oak forests in the Severen Dzhendem Reserve and leads to the Vidimsko praskalo waterfall. It is located below Yurushka gramada Peak and with the height of 80 meters it is the second highest waterfall in Bulgaria.

Landmarks in the Apriltsi Region

Sveta Troitsa (The Holy Trinity) Monastery is located in the Novo selo District in the town of Apriltsi. There is no clergyman in the monastery but it’s open for visit and adoration. The monastery is established in 1830 as a family site. The chapel close to the church became a museum keeping the bones of nuns killed in the April Uprising. The monastery is a cultural monument.

Sveti Georgi Pobedonosets (St. George the Victor) is a church located in the Novo selo District in the town of Apriltsi. It is dedicated to the victims of the April Uprising.

Sveta Petka Paraskeva Church was built in 1814 and was reconstructed in 1930. It is located in the Novo selo District in the town of Apriltsi close to Kalna River. It was built on condition that it had to be small and low, dug into the ground in order not to provoke the Turks’ hate. 

On the occasion of the 130-th anniversary of the April Uprising as well as 30-th anniversary of declaring Apriltsi a town, a 34-meters high crest is erected on one of the hills surrounding the town.

An attractive village named Oreshak is 20 km far away from the town of Apriltsi. Next to the village is situated the Troyan Monastery Dormition of the Holy Mother, the third largest monastery in Bulgaria and one of the most remarkable cultural monuments. It is established in the beginning of the 17-th century.

The main church of the monastery is home of one of the holiest icons Three Handed Virgin. All year long believers from all over the country come to the monastery to get blessed help by the icon. The church celebration is on August, 15 when the icon is taken out of the monastery for a procession.

The main church is a remarkable monument of the Bulgarian church architecture. The iconostasis is a model of Tryavna Wood-carving School and the frescoes in the church are painted by Zahari Zograf.

Since its foundation the Troyan Monastery was a literature center and contributed to the publishing of many books. Vasil Levski, the Apostle of Freedom formed a revolutionary committee in the monastery itself. The room in which he was hiding is preserved in its authentic look.

The other attraction of the village of Oreshak is the National Arts and Crafts Exhibition. This is the only exhibition in the country where the artists of all ethnographic regions in Bulgaria display their artwork in one place. The exposition covers an area of 4200 sq.m.