The Sunny House Project started in October 2007 when the property was bought. The architecture has been designed by the wife of the previous owner. She situated the bedrooms on the second floor in such a way that from each room could be seen one peak of Stara planina Mountain.

The idea was to develop this amazing complex with marvelous panorama to a place for recreation and entertainment. Our aim was to make guests see and experience the beauty of the surrounding Stara planina Mountain.

The project work continued almost six years – till the autumn of 2012. By the end of the same year and during the whole next year the complex was in test mode. During the snow and very cold winter in 2012 all the defects and omissions during the construction and implementation of the project came out. They all were corrected and the Sunny House was put to the new tests to meet the required results.

All the time we were led by the thought to make this place unique as an architecture, performance, atmosphere and luxury to preserve the charm of the environment. Our efforts led to the realization of exclusive ecological project that allows smart use of the natural resources (sun, air and water) with reverential respect to the environment. The functionality of the buildings and space efficiency are combined with aesthetics, comfort and sustainability.

We wanted to make guests feel the silence and tranquility of the nature, enjoy the magnificent views and breathe the fresh mountain air. Guests roll in luxury and do not feel the lack of homeliness.

We wanted people visited the resort to experience its hospitality and remember it. Therefore, we put our hearts and souls in its realization.

Our guests will say whether we have succeeded in it.

Welcome and wonderful moments in the Sunny House!