The Sunny House is an elegant ecological resort covering an area of 1300 sq.m. It lies in the heart of the Troyan Mountain between the awesome Botev, Ostrets and Maragidik peaks and offers relax and entertainment to the guests all year round.

The house has a unique atmosphere and cosiness, combining the spirit of the past and the luxury and comfort of the present day. You can sing together with the birds and the wind in the voice of bells, or you can enjoy the silence far away from the town and lose track of time.

APRILTSI aprilci

The town of Apriltsi is situated at the foot of Botev Peak (2376 m a.s.l.) which is the highest peak of the Stara planina Mountain. The region is rich in cultural and historical monuments and museums, ethnographic collections, ancient fortresses, buildings from the Age of Bulgarian Revival and aged churches also. The Troyan Mountain is very picturesque and offers a combination of beautiful nature, crystal air, an abundance of mineral springs and preserved traditions and customs.

Bulgaria - Lovech Region - Town of Apriltsi
SOFIA - APRILTSI 185 km. (2 hours and 30 min.)
VARNA - APRILTSI 301 km. (4 hours and 00 min.)
BURGAS - APRILTSI 286 km. (4 hours and 00 min.)
PLOVDIV - APRILTSI 150 km. (2 hours and 30 min.)