In the Sunny House Resort have been used green technologies to conserve and protect the environment. They are as follows:

  • The resort is situated in the right place without disturbing the nature’s landscape. It isn’t located within a park or protected area and includes space for relax and parking lot.
  • Electric heat pump systems are installed in the house and in the relax center to supply heat and hot water during the months with cold weather.
  • Solar collectors are mounted on the roofs of the house and relax center to heat domestic water. Solar water heating systems use energy from the sun to make the water hotter without using electricity.
  • The buildings in the complex are insulated with rock mineral wool and have PVC windows with a system of six-chamber profiles, triple glazing. These measures help to save energy for heating.
  • Fully biological wastewater treatment system is installed in the resort. The wastewater goes into treatment reservoir and purified is fed back into the ground. The actual biological cleaning occurs by the activity of microorganisms in the wastewater to destroy organic components.
  • Rainwater underground tanks are installed in the complex to harvest rainwater from the roofs of the buildings. Collected rainwater is being used again for garden irrigation through installed underground irrigation system.
  • A rooftop photovoltaic power plant is installed to produce electricity. The plant generates solar electricity and supplies it to the power network of the electricity distribution company. Results show that annual output of the renewable energy generated by PV plant meets the annual energy requirements of the Sunny House Resort.