19.02 – Anniversary of the hanging of Vasil Levski (Novo selo District). There is a celebration in the Vasil Levski Primary School.
01.03 – Day of the Amateur Artists (Ostrets District). There is a program with participation of amateur groups, Apriltsi Municipality.
05.03 – Celebrating the bacon and mulled brandy (Center and Novo selo districts). The celebration is held on the square in front of the Svetlina Community Centre. There are barbecues for grilling bacon and presentation of different types of dishes and delicacies of fat. Anyone can taste these local traditional dishes.
03.03 – Liberation Day. Procession which passes through the Center and Novo selo districts. The celebration ends with fireworks and program of amateur groups.
08.03 – International Women’s Day. There is a program with participation of amateur groups of Badeshte Community Centre and Club of the pensioners.
19.03 – St.Todor’s Day (moveable holiday). It’s the most entertaining regional holiday. There are held traditional horse races in Vidima District connected to the holiday. Riders from the town of Apriltsi and the whole Lovech Area participate in the horse races organized in two groups. Traditionally prizes are provided for the winners.
22.03 – First day of spring and Fruit-growing day. Celebrates the holiday of Ostrets District with mummer’s dances. The region is famous with its plum and apple orchards. The plum trees are trimmed for fruitfulness and the best fruit-growers of the previous year are praised. There is a program with participation of amateur groups of the municipality and mummers from the town of Kalofer.
30.04. – Anniversary of the Balkan War (Center and Novo selo Districts) with procession and fireworks.
30.04. – Fireworks in honour the victims of wars. It is held on the square of Vidima District.
08.05. – Person of the town of Apriltsi. The event is held every year and the person is selected among the best pupils and public people. The winner is presented with an honorary diploma.
09.05. – Honours all victims of Novo selo District dead in the April Uprising (Center and Novo selo districts). There is a Divine Liturgy in Sveta Troitsa (The Holy Trinity) Monastery. 
24.05. – Anniversary of the April Uprising (Zla reka District). Moments from the battles of Novo selo in April Uprising are reproduced.
22.06. – Balkan festival of the Bulgarian folk song (observed in the Ostrets Distrisct). Folklore groups and mummers of all over the country gather to sing on the scenes. The fest is not competitive and all participants are awarded certificates. This day marks the beginning of the tourist season in the town of Apriltsi. 
14.07. – A holiday honoring the Saints Kiryak and Yolita with holy water (Ostrets District). A cultural program is held.
27-28.07. – Folklore festival named Sparkles of the past (Centre and Novo selo districts). Folklore groups of all over the country participate in the fest. 
01.11. – Revival Leaders’ Day (Vidima District). The holiday is organised by the schools on the territory of the town of Apriltsi.