The most sunny and comfortable relax center invites you to enjoy it. While engaged in sports or relax in the Jacuzzi, you can enjoy the marvelous mountain scenery through the French windows. Choose from fitness exercises or relax in the steam bath, sauna, or Jacuzzi. There are also separate bathroom with shock bucket for refreshing after sauna procedure, WC and fitness corner in the relax center.

Towels, bathrobes, disposable slippers and set of bath amenities are provided for guests. The cosmetics include set of aromatic herbs and bath salts. Scented candles bring additional notes of harmony and blissful relaxation.


The center offers a range of advanced training equipment that provides the training you need to achieve your fitness goals: treadmills, multi-gym, bench, dumbbells, wall bars and yoga mats.

Jacuzzi (maximum 3 persons)

Allow your body to relax after fitness training with perfect water massage. It could be tender and delicate to revel in deep relaxation, or more energetic to remove the tiredness. The air massage keeps the constant oxygen content in the water that revitalizes the skin cells. You can put in the water various selected aromatic herbs and salts.

Steam bath (maximum 3 persons)

Stay in the steam bath will reward your body with a real relaxation. Since ancient times people use it to achieve harmony between the body and the soul. The steam bath is a thermal treatment that uses the advantages of hot air and high humidity. The heat relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation and eliminates toxins from the body. The steam has a refreshing, toning, cleansing and hydrating effect on the skin. Steam bath improves nerve function and balances emotional mood. Special aroma system releases pleasing scents in the air and provides deep relaxing experience.

Alpine sauna (maximum 3 persons)

Sauna is the only bath with both dry and humid air. It is useful for the appearance and health benefits. Here you can completely unravel the knots of stress that have been building up. Sauna improves the skin tone and revitalizes the body. High temperature and low humidity promote perspiration and eliminate toxins from the body, soothe and relax tired muscles, and reduce stress. The specific feature of the alpine sauna is that the heated on an open fire mineral stones are placed in a copper container and poured with water. This creates an immediate water vapour that connects with the microelements separated from the copper. This has a beneficial impact on human health. Combination of high temperature in the sauna and the cooling procedure after it helps to rejuvenation senses and the body.

Bathroom with shock bucket

An ideal way to use the sauna to its full potential is to alternate hot and cold. Spending enough time in the hot sauna to become hot you have to cool down with a shock bucket. Many people think this shock can be unbearable to the health. The icy water in the bucket is poured onto the body and the shocking temperature difference has a refreshing effect and more energy on the body.

Sport and other activities

Bicycle riding is a great way to enjoy the nature. There are six mountain bikes, Specialized make. If you prefer to stay at the resort you can enjoy many other activities as table tennis, a family game, or reading a book from the library.